Build Your Own CSS Website Connect Divs To CSS Lesson 2


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23 Responses to “Build Your Own CSS Website Connect Divs To CSS Lesson 2”

  1. mayer jesy

    you have to spend money to make it the saying goes and I frikin spent a ton of it! i would do it all over again cause i learned tons and ended up finding a goldmine method which allowed me to quit my job. but im not greedy so if you serious about trying have a look here RNMONEAEYATHOME.HOSTEI.COM

  2. Myk Walker

    Nice one

  3. Mike Hudson

    Great video and voice

  4. binkygstackz1220

    REALLY REALLY HELPED. been stuck for an hour in rage

  5. Fahad356

    Hey Ali its Fahad from pakistan, i love ur way of style and tutorials u made is just awesom. would u plz made some dynamic webiste tutorials ?
    waiting for reply

  6. marcelynomarcelyno

    Thank you sooo much for these tutorials !!!! Best tutorials on youtube by far ! Thank you :D

  7. fragileEart

    Thank you,that s realy help:)

  8. FirebrandNIRE

    make sure when you click the attach style sheet button that your in the HTML Doc and not CSS Doc, if your in the CSS Doc and you click on the attach style sheet the Link option will not show.

    Hope this helps

  9. fragileEart

    Hi Ali,great tutorial! The best from Yutube!
    I have one question about Attach style sheet and i hope you can help me.
    when i wont to add a style,i have option add as Link,and Import. Option import is checked and i cant chack the option Link? So,can you tell me where to manage this chacked option?

    Thank you

  10. Pedro Mota

    this is great man!
    you are a great help! :D

  11. Wei liang Liu

    when i tried to link the css file it shows an recursive style import and i cant link

  12. Chakdegirl

    Hi Ali, I love your website but only one problem…I wanna watch the videos on your website but they don’t have the fullscreen option…..its easy for me there….try uploading in quicktime files…

  13. helanpinu

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  14. adrienolson

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  15. IKmatli2010

    dear ali leftpanel is not showing why and i gave the right code and background color wht is the problem in it plz help me im so worry about it and i saw ur all videos are helpful and very nyc way to persuide ppl u r the best teacher in the world

  16. anthonyontherocks

    Ive been following everything step by step since lesson 1. now in lesson 2 ,under code 1 you did ot teach how you split the code in half ( one on top of the other). Mines is all in one line! I think this is why after I linked the style.cssto HTML file a red bar did not ppear under the index.html. what do i do?

  17. Shine Online Solutions

    The simplicity of this first lesson is so reassuring…

    Thank you creating this video tutorial
    I am eagerly viewing the ones that follow this one. ;o)

  18. Julie Brady

    I keep getting this error when I try to link my style sheet and it will not allow me to link it (I’m using CS4):
    “A recursive style import was found while trying to add styles.css. Please resolve this error by editing the file in an external text editor and try again.”
    And here is my code for the style sheet:

    /* CSS Document */
    #IDsample { background: #C03;

    Please tell me what am I doing wrong?

  19. Ali Baba

    Hey EquipoiseDental, sure. My email is 1stoptutorials at gmail dot com


  20. EquipoiseDental

    Can I email the code to you because it is too long for posting

  21. EquipoiseDental

    This is a very practical lesson regarding div. No wonder you are very popular. :)

  22. EquipoiseDental

    Can I email the code to you because it is too long for posting



  23. EquipoiseDental

    Hello Ali. It seems like I have too many codes that it would not let me post it here .. please help.