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Johannes Terry

@1stwebdesigner I tried adding an image inside the white content but it pushes everything down and takes a lot of space. Can you give us an example as to how to put images in the content area…I used figure tag or is there a better tag? Let me know and thanks.

Jeff Noël

content is not a valid HTML5 tag. Also consider using the “main” tag instead of div id=”mainContent” and “section” tag instead of div id=”content”.

There is a bad naming practice used in this video: classes and IDs are named in too many different ways: “mainContent”, “post-info”, “topcontent”. Choose one style, don’t put one camelCase class for the fun of it, then add hyphens and then use lowercase naming convention.


Same question here. It does not appear to be a valid HTML tag. Perhaps MAIN is the right one?

Sukhjinder Kahlon

One of the best video about responsive website as i am beginner i have learned a lot from this. Thank you very much.

Loraine Zieba

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Marc Turner

I will have to say that this has been one of the best responsive trainings that I have viewed. The way that you explained was very clear and made allot of since. Make sure that you keep up the good work.


Thanks for a great, well structured tutorial. Showing each line step by step and explaining why makes a world of difference.

Slavomir Milanov

Why you don’t use IDs? You only uses classes.


This was fantastic. Thank you. It took me about 2.5 hours to get thru it, but i totally understand the concept now and with some more experience, i can see me building some great stuff.

E Lacunza

Does the content tag really exist? cause I can´t find it anywhere


Responsive begins @52:00….but’s it’s so basic 🙁

Héctor Javier Espinosa Henrández

This is yes of the best responsive web… Beri good.

Nathan Drake

It’s because the location of the file is different; you need to make an ‘images’ file in your website folder and than locate that in CSS.

Nathan Drake

It depends on how you look at it; if you actually needed the first 50 minutes of this video to get a grip of the rest, than yes. Just like the title states, this is building a responsive website from scratch. But getting more into the responsive part, and not just showing ‘use percentages to define width and height’ for the first 50 minutes is more like a professional tutorial, usually the paid ones that do not have to explain such easy things.

Commander Squid

Thanks for this tutorial.
One of the best tutorials around

Karl Gephart

I absolutely agree with Craig – there are PAID sources that don’t explain responsive design this well! FANTASTIC EXPLANATIONS!


Do you have any prior expedience with HTML? This is a really bad way to get started.


IM also stuck I can’t seem to get the background image I types the exactly html and CSS IM also on windows


awesome responsive tutorials . I have tried on Mozilla, chrome and safari, worked well on every browser. Really Really helpful.


Please help i just did all the code and everything but it didn’t work on windows for me i’m just stuck with the bit at the beginning the basic html please someone help thanks 🙂

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