Design Coding


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  1. ponyisasquare
  2. tony_ROYmo

    haha nice great advice

  3. KuKreationz

    Did you know more than 90% of websites are not up to the industry standards
    or are outdated?

    We’re closing the week with another video rap describing how web standards
    affect page rankings by “SEO Rapper”, this one’s called “Design coding”.

    Have a great weekend, see you back here Monday.

    Enjoy! -Jessica

  4. Room/One-Eleven

    It’s astounding how the SEO Rapper remains extremely relevant even years
    after this was released.

  5. Sean Birkholtz

    Getting website design & web marketing right, rap style! #seo

  6. Michael Ecklund

    The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper) is back with another marketing rap.
    This time he describes how web standards and proper design can affect the
    ranking and conversion of pages on your site.

  7. Just Thomas Misund

    Innføring i frontend-koding – rappet.

  8. J. roto

    And you thought you knew Design & Coding! YOU ARE FEEBLE when compared to
    SEO Rapper…have a watch/listen:

  9. Blake Gilbertson

    *SEO Rapper*

    lmao I love it

  10. Gregory Ciotti

    I watch this video every time I begin working on a new site, it helps me
    remember the fundamentals of great web design ;)

  11. Ionut ICLANZAN

    Design Coding

  12. The Daily Google

    It’s a few years old, but the basic principles of design coding this rapper
    talks about are still legit.

  13. GreshamHS

    Some great facts for those interested in Web Design

  14. Gabriel Nepenthe
  15. Susie Sahim


  16. Richard Deslauriers

    Learn something about SEO today.

  17. James Morrin


  18. Milan Petrovic
  19. Glenn Robinson

    Building a website?

  20. Laura Toma
  21. Tom Anderson

    Good web design advice, delivered through the medium of rap.

  22. Kaylee Goins

    This is beautiful.

  23. Liz McLean Knight

    “Don’t use Bold, please use Strong, cause if you use Bold that’s old and

  24. Manoj Gopal

    use css, yo page load quicka, like you client eatin on a snika… rofl…

  25. trollingmusick

    swagggg sonnnnn swaggg