Getting your First Web Design Job


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15 Responses to “Getting your First Web Design Job”

  1. ashes r

    if you wish, you can make website for me @ desertrose0601

  2. desertrose0601

    Yes but… how do you GET those jobs? Do you approach the butcher and say,
    “Hey I noticed you don’t have a website? Can I build you one?”

  3. Marquez857

    Very well said ! In a couple of minutes is explained the simple truth about
    the programming and other professions…..

  4. Stefan Mischook

    Coding is perfect for you!

  5. Stefan Mischook

    Either way works. If you are looking to work for small business or go at it
    as a freelancer, then formal education in not required. I’ve NEVER been
    asked by clients or perspective clients if I had a degree.

  6. Stefan Mischook

    you are welcome

  7. Stefan Mischook

    I just realized I vbloged about this already …. oh well. Stef

  8. Stefan Mischook

    If you are going out there as a contractor dealing with small and medium
    business (that 80% of them) then you don’t need a degree. If you want to
    work for big business, then a degree is handy. But, there is a growing
    backlash with regards to higher education and the perceived worth of these
    degrees so I think that even this will change over time. In the end,
    experience is what your really need – so start building things.

  9. Stefan Mischook

    Hmmm .. I can’t really put a time on that; I was building websites for my
    export business and then found myself doing contract work as an independent
    when I left that. I had job offers but I decided to tough it out and became
    a contractor. You will get work once you get the skills. To get the skills
    you need to build websites (even free ones,) … and soon enough you will
    find the demand for your skills. … So it is less about time and more
    about your level of skills. Stef

  10. morhys23

    Thanks, Subbed.

  11. ddneq677

    Could you tell me your opinion on wether or not you think that this career
    field is ideal for someone who is an introvert, is not a “people’s-person”,
    and loves to work alone and travel?

  12. dylan berry

    Just curious what are your views on self taught vs formal education when it
    comes to web programming, also are certificates really worthless in the web
    design field?

  13. Mădălin Ignișca

    web development would be perfect. design, it depends. tip: if this person
    is introvert but makes great designs, he/she should try a premium selling
    market of designs and themes, for example themeforest [dot] net

  14. HookemHorns972

    How long did it take you to get your first full time Job?

  15. Stefan Mischook