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Thanks for all the feedback guys. So glad to see all the positive comments.
I’ve been spending some time redesigning this entire course, and I’m
planning on starting a complete redo in the next week or two. Once I get
the first 3 or 4 videos recorded I’ll start uploading them. They’re going
to have better explanations and more practical examples and this time
around the entire course will be completed (about 15 videos just on html).
These videos were experimental and I’m glad they’ve done so well! 

Hussein Aidaros

Hey Sam..thanks a lot man,, you are really awesome and have been
keep it up man as a bright future is waiting for you. 

ndina ankambo

Hey Sam your videos are amazing and super helpful. I just have a problem
with opening my page in any web browser (chrome, torch, etc). Ive done my
tags in a notepad document and saved it to my desktop (basically followed
all the instructions from this video step-by-step) but i have no idea how
to get it open to see the page, other than as a note pad doc. Could you
please help me?

Thanks in advance! 

Jithin Mathew

Haha, well I’ve basically just got accepted into a IT course at uni and I
have no clue in what I’m doing so I was just searching for some basic
knowledge and this stood out more than any other video, straight forward
and easy to understand. Take your time with the videos but definitely keep
them coming! Thanks again 🙂 

Jithin Mathew

Cheers! Is there more coming soon? This is really helpful 🙂 

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