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Thank you for your tutorial , you give me the right way to use responsive design.

Shay Steptowe

ANDROID FOR THE WIN ! oh and nice video dude.

Giancarlo Leonio

Thanks for this video on Responsive Web Design! I found it very helpful. I created a research board on Verious.com with some top tutorials on “Responsive Design and Best Structure for an HTML5 layout page”. Hope other developers can find this useful too. 🙂

Raj Kakra

Test your site in various devices from an iPhone and iPad, to a Kindle and on Android on the responsivetools[dot]com. It also shows your site both in portrait and landscape mode. I like this tool much more because of the outlines of the devices displayed on the page, which brings more meaning to the whole process.

Walter Carvalho

Responsive Web Design should really be device agnostic, non-specific and particularly non-discriminative—that is the entire point of it being responsive it looks fantastic no matter what platform, device or browser. People seem to forget that.

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