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Likes the tutorial but I get really tired of people suggesting that responsive design aims to fit the iPhone or iPad´s screens. It´s really for ALL or at least the majority of devices with smaller screens. It’s better to say “smart phones” or “tablets”. Thanks for the tut and good work.

Mahim Arya

nice stuf boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1.but one issue is there when u make it(%) is not it ltl difficult.
2. how much size it was before it changed when you changed to percentage

Mahesa M. Elba

Thanks for your video, dude. A nice one. Good job!

Shahbaz Jam

Good video please make neat and clean video in order to make it readable. Thanks

Shahbaz Jam

Good introduction. But plz make a readable video there is blur while reading css and changes in css

Clinton Dickerson

Good demonstration, well described, just the right amount of detail, thank you.

Giancarlo Leonio

Thanks for this video on Responsive Web Design! I found it very helpful. I created a research board on Verious.com with some top tutorials on “Responsive Design and Best Structure for an HTML5 layout page”. Check it out/ feel free to share. Hope other web developers can find this useful too. 🙂

Andre Speek

A nice introduction. Thank you for your clear explanation!
Cheers, Andre


I will give this a try with my own website, hopefully I can make it work like you did.

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