Web Design and Programming Pt 1 PHP

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Orange 彭

Thank for your teaching.I’m a newer to PHP ,and how can i practice my PHP
programming skills? Thank you.


I am using windows, what application should I use to be able to run these
in a browser. I am having trouble getting my php code to run like your

Jake Pranger

I really like the video. I’ve been working on this stuff recently as well.
How did you get started in this business?

anthony villaluz

Hi sir! 🙂 remember me anthony from Philippines . . .thank you for
everything. you give me so much knowledge. . . Sir. can I put your name and
your website in my new website for giving thanks to you? thank you so
much for everything

Luis Herrera

What is the difference between echo, print and printf ?
which one would you prefer to use to optimize speed? 

Aaa Aaa

what is the name of the text editor you are using and will you male any
tutorial of it?

andy an

Thanks for the great video.
Just a stupid question, line feed tag you use
all the time.
But HTML tag uses
only and XHTML tag uses
why do not you use
tag for your tutorial?

Lillian Common

wow your videos are just excellent I wish I had known about them when I was
taking the class. I plan to go through all 588. I’m learning so much as an
educator myself thank you for sharing your knowledge with the public. You
are a blessing!


can u do the codeigniter?…i love yur tutorials i used yur video to review
my java lessons

Troy A. Peterson

Remarkable. Truly Remarkable. Web Design and Programming Pt 1 PHP 25 video
playlist + links to code examples. Hello World indeed.

Derek Banas

Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like them. I could cover Perl. I’ve used it for
years. I’ve been basing tutorials on votes lately. So, after xml I’ll cover
design patterns and then Android development. I’ll see if I can fit a Perl
tutorial in there. I wasn’t expecting to cover xml, so who knows what will

Derek Banas

When I made this I was using Quicktime X. Now I use Camtasia 2

Derek Banas

Good for you! I know that everyone I have hired since I went into business
for myself haven’t had bachelor’s degrees. I have only hired people that
went to trade schools because they were the only ones that could pass what
I considered to be fairly simple tests. The world is changing and some day
education will be free for all 🙂

william murphy

added your video to my website ill promote for awhile good work brother..

Derek Banas

It sounds like permission or some other issue that s specific to your
system. If I was you, I’d stop trying to develop on windows and use Wubi
instead. ubuntu. com/download/desktop/windows-installer Installing
everything you need for web development is considerably easier. If you
don’t like wubi you can delete it like any other app.

Derek Banas

Thank you very much 🙂 I was confused about what to name this. It is a php
tutorial, but it was originally supposed to cover everything. I decided to
put everything in different playlists. It is hard to organize over 500

Derek Banas

OS X used to come with a web server installed with everything. If yours
didn’t it is probably easiest to install MAMP

Derek Banas

Php is used everywhere, so if you want a web job you must know it. Java is
much more powerful though. I’d find out what employers local to you are
looking for

Aaa Aaa

did you make any tutorial for php marketing site (buysell items website)?


That would be great. Because I have been looking all over the web and found
several free hosting providers that offer their services with PHP but they
all seemed unsafe. I’m looking forward to your research. Thanks again!

Derek Banas

Hi, How are you changing the page? Are you making changes to the CSS using
JQuery, JavaScript? I need a bit more info. Thanks 🙂

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