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Aren’t you proud that your father, uncles, and, some of your neighbors, teachers,
and, perhaps, your school janitors, were among this men whom you speak of..
At least, I haven’t forgotten..


The entire 26-part series is available on DVD.

Produced in 1952 by NBC News, “Victory At Sea” is still the standard against which all other military documentaries are compared against.


3:30-33, and all I can hear is “Dad! DAD!” as the best reasons of all to defend come racing across the tarmac.


My heart leaps into my throat whenever I see those brave boys returning home in victory. The ones who are still alive are old men now and all I can say is thank you so much for your bravery, courage and sacrifice. I was only two years old when you came home. I’m only sorry the great country you fought for no longer exists. It’s become a nation of selfish, selfserving, ungrateful people who think freedom is free. Thank you for at least giving me the chance to grow up in freedom. God bless you all


Tremendous. People under 30 should watch the 3 parts of episode 26 to get an idea how great the victory was. (it was never an assured victory!)

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