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Nick Swartz

i prefer to pay a professional designer. ran me $800 but hell, it looks awesome.

Gonzalo Leon

Wow. Cheap way of advertising? Fooling people into thinking they will learn? I guess it shows you a shortcut on how to pay for photoshop sites that look like crap anyway.


Flagged for misleading title, you stupid prick, it sucks anyway. -_-


If anyone needs the Crack/Patch for it, message me on AIM – LooK its RayzoR.


I visited your website, I like your work. I would like to know if if is posible to ad video to your minisites and squeeze pages or have you design them for me, when I looked at your squeeze pages it was not clear to me if it was going to be possible for me to ad text to them, please reply


The comment for the video says it will help, but an advert helps no-one.


Like the way that this was put together… really great product examples.

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